Flatex Adjusts Trading Conditions To January 2018

flatex is an online broker from Germany based in Kulmbach. The offer of flatex is known above all because the broker advertises with particularly low trading fees and thus in each case a lot of money can be saved. The complete portfolio can be managed online and in addition to trading in shares, funds and ETFs can also be traded.

The broker flatex will adjust the trading conditions as of 1 January 2018. This was published now on several portals in the net. As of January 1, 2018, existing customers will pay higher fees or higher order commissions. Anyone who decides to be active in Xetra trading must pay order commissions of 5.90 euros plus stock exchange fees from the aforementioned cut-off date. The prices for the order commission were thus increased by 18%.

If the stock exchange fees are added, this means that at least 8.14 euros must be paid per order in Xetra trading. The fees apply not only to existing customers, but also to all new customers.

In the year 2017 the conditions of flatex were adapted many times. Since March 2017, the broker has been charging so-called negative interest rates. If customers park money on their flatex account, penalty interest of 0.4% per year will be charged.

To date, a fee of 5 Euro plus the stock exchange fee has been charged for an order in Xetra trading. A comparison of brokers shows that flatex is no longer one of the cheapest brokers in Germany. The -0.40% Guthabenszinsen might likewise ensure for the fact that the broker in the favour of the customers is clearly less regarded, than it with so some other broker the case is, which offers no interest at all of the assets.

Besides the higher fees also the trade at the stock exchanges of the USA and in Canada becomes clearly more expensive. That means that someone, who would like to buy shares for 50.000 euro must pay instead of so far 9,90 euro fees now a fee at a value of 19,90 euro for the trade.

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What can be traded on the account at flatex?

Clients who choose to invest at flatex can currently trade shares, CFDs and ETFs. Forex trading is also supported by flatex Depot. The underlying assets for trading can be selected by 19 international trading partners. The customers can settle the trade over the platform of flatex, or in addition, the mobile trade with own App for Android as well as iOS perceive.

In the Segmet of the funds flatex offers up-to-date 5,500 different products, about which with approximately 3,000 funds a discount is given at a value of 50% on the issue surcharge. 21 funds can be locked as savings plan gemanagt with 50% discount. Around 760 ETFs are available, which can also be used as a savings plan. The fee per savings plan execution amounts to 1.50 euros. The savings plan can be executed at flatex every 1,2,3 or every 12 months. At least a sum of EUR 50 per execution must be implemented.

Who is behind flatex?

The company flatex has been on the market since 2009 and is based near Bayreuth in Kulmbach. Regulation is carried out by BaFin and the corresponding licence was issued by the European Central Bank. It should be noted that support at flatex can be provided by telephone or e-mail. A live chat and a callback function are not offered.

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