Best Online Casino Bonus: Detailed Test & Comparison For 2019

Online players can secure themselves in nearly all on-line Casinos a Casino bonus as starting assistance. But how serious are the bonuses, which the different offerers have in the offer? One should not always pay attention only to high sums. Fair and realistic sales conditions for the selected online casino bonus are much more important.

We have listed the best serious online casino bonuses for you once, whereby we have paid particular attention here to the fact that the through-play requirements are also in order.

Casino Welcome bonus Bonus conditions Validity Rating Save bonus here
CasinoClub 1.000€* 30x 30 days 4.5 of 5.0 starsTo review To page
press luck 50€* 30x 30 days 4.5 of 5.0 starsTo test report To page
Omnislots 500€* 30x unlimited 3,5 of 5,0 starsTo test report To page
Karamba 500€* 35x 21 days 4.0 of 5.0 starsTo the test report About page
CasinoEuro 150€* 40x 5 days 4,0 of 5,0 starsTo the review To page
* All offers are subject to terms and conditions, click on “To page” to get more details about the respective bonus.

We reviewed and compared each casino bonus. However, the result does not only take into account the amount of the bonus. Of course, we also took a closer look at the wagering terms for you. The best online casino bonus is useless if the bonus terms are not fair. The criteria we use to rate online casino bonuses are described below.

You’ll find them in our article.

Criteria for a good bonus

Guide to Casino Bonuses

Criteria for a good casino bonus

When choosing a bonus you should make sure that the bonus conditions are fair and especially the sales conditions.

Bonus criteria

At the top of the list are of course the seriosity and the experience of the provider. Players should pay attention to the good reputation of an online casino in order to really not fall victim to fraud. examines the companies and the bonus offers carefully. A valid license is an important point here. Because if an online casino has no valid license, players should always be careful. An online casino should always have a license. In addition, the online providers should transparently explain the bonus terms and conditions and include all the important criteria that players must consider if they want to play through this. In addition, the terms and conditions should be available in German. Thus misunderstandings are directly excluded. Further facts for a safe provider are also:

  • Long play through time to meet the turnover requirements
  • Low turnover requirements (max. 50x deposit + bonus or max. 100x Turnover)
  • Flexible on sports bets, slot machines, roulette and other offers applicable
  • Low minimum deposit or even free bonus
  • Players should be able to decline bonus on request

How do I find the best online casino bonus?

When it comes to finding the best bonus it also depends on what your preferences are. The higher the casino bonus, the higher your starting capital with which you start. With higher starting capital you can usually play longer. This is also one of the reasons why there are extra money offers. Many online casinos offer a 100% bonus on your first deposit. This will double your deposit. Some providers also triple your deposit. Important is always the maximum amount. If, for example, there is an offer from 100% to 200€ and you pay 300€ you of course still get only 200€ bonus.

What are your favorite games? If you love to play slot games, you’ll be right in almost every casino, because slot games are usually 100% counted towards the minimum wagering requirement. However, there may be exceptions and individual games may be excluded. In table games, a smaller percentage is usually taken into account. This is due to the payout rates, which are higher in games like Roulette or Blackjack than in most slot games. Again, there are one or two exceptions. So if you intend to enter the table games area, you should check in advance how much the turnover in your favorite game contributes to fulfilling the minimum turnover.

These turnover conditions are usually to be observed

In principle, bonus offers are linked to certain specifications and rules. Finally the enterprises have also nothing to give away. In the different online casinos also different playing conditions apply. Some on-line offerers pretend that both this and the deposit must be set a certain number of times. Other online casinos only require you to play through the amount or the deposit amount. This value should not be too high, otherwise it is very unlikely to create the sales targets. Serious online casinos grant an industry standard casino bonus, which is also feasible. But also black sheep are present. If bonus and deposit amount must be used for example more than 50x, then should be taken nevertheless rather distance. There are some offerers, who require only half or partly still less. These are to be preferred then nevertheless. Here on the site there are only those offers which are really fair and offer the best chances. A small tip: Look also offers of new on-line Casinos, these recruit often with very moderate Bounsbedingungen around new customers.

How much time have I to play through?

The time, in order to play through the bonus, should be as long as possible arranged. Because the longer the time, the better the chances are to free it. Sometimes there are also offers where an unlimited running through time is given. That is naturally particularly fair and respectable. Depending upon on-line Casino there are also different running times. Some offers are available with a time of a few hours, a few days, two weeks, one month or even unlimited. As a player, you can see which offer best suits your personal playing behavior. No time restrictions to free up a bonus are always a big plus when choosing an offer. The final decision, however, is up to you to make and assess whether you can handle the deadline and wagering requirements, or whether it might be more difficult to meet the requirements and ultimately convert the bonus into real money.

The minimum deposit

Many bonus offers not only have wagering requirements that must be met to convert the amount into real money, but also a minimum deposit that must be made in order to receive it automatically. If the offer specifies a minimum deposit of $20 and you only deposit $10, you will not normally receive the bonus. There are always players who do not get their bonuses credited automatically for these reasons. Some casinos are accommodating in such cases and credit this manually but others only refer to the bonus terms.

Which games contribute to the wagering requirements?

Players need to be more specific about the wagering requirements before accepting the bonus offer. There are often some game types, which do not contribute at all or only partially to the play through. As a rule, the slots are almost always among the game categories that are rated 100 percent. However, there may be some exceptions here as well. In the AGB it is always neatly listed which games can be used and which not. Sometimes there are also some games with regard to the slots, which fall completely out of the rating. If you want to play other games such as Roulette and Blackjack, you should expect that these games only marginally contribute to the achievement of the bonus conditions. Often the percentage value is between 0 and 20 percent. This could make it difficult to meet the conditions. In some online casinos, however, there are also casino bonuses that can be unlocked with roulette or blackjack to a higher percentage value.

Pay winnings before playing through the bonuses?

As a rule, the extra credit can only be paid out when it has been completely cleared. Up to this time it concerns so-called blocked credit. In the cashier area every player can see how far the progress has come. So you always have an overview of what still needs to be unlocked. If you already want to make a payout before, the complete bonus amount is usually forfeited. The resulting winnings will also be lost in the event of a premature withdrawal request. It is therefore important to wait for the time. Otherwise it can become nevertheless very annoying.

Regulated offerer use

There are in the Internet also offerers, with whom one should let rather caution prevail. A valid gambling license is most important. The best known is probably the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Also the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) or the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner (GBGA) are authorized to grant licenses. At online casinos the logos of the official authorities can always be found at the bottom of the website. In many cases the form with the license and the operator opens after a click on the logo. Gambling license holders are checked regularly and must ensure certain security standards. All our recommendations consist of casinos that comply with the security regulations and can therefore be excluded from fraud.

Guide to online casino bonuses

All you need to know about bonus offers and the associated conditions, you can find here with us. In this article you will find a small guide to the topic and be prepared when it comes to the selection of the welcome bonus. This first deposit bonus is probably the best known, but good casinos will always make additional offers. Be it when a new game is introduced or just as an extra incentive to top up your account. With many providers, the offers for existing customers have better conditions, since you are no longer unknown to them and have already been active. The Reload Bonus, a free play bonus or also Cashback offers is much common.

How to secure a bonus?

How to secure a casino bonus depends in principle on the type of bonus. In most cases, players must first make a real money deposit in order to be eligible. Basically the procedure is similar if you want to claim a bonus. First of all, players have to buy a player account at the selected online casino. Here you should pay attention to the https connection. After you have registered and logged in, click on the offer. It is also possible that a code has to be entered. If this is the case, the code should normally be entered in the deposit area. Often it is also so that in the welcome mail of the offerer a left is present, by which one can arrive directly at the bonus offer. If there is a free bonus, it is often already credited with the registration . Otherwise, it will be automatically visible with the first deposit on the player account. After that you have to start to unlock it according to the rules.

Mobile Casino Bonus Offers

More and more smartphones and tablets are being used. This circumstance has not remained hidden also Casino operators. For Casinos there is the possibility an offer for all devices to provide or for PC and mobile devices separately. In most cases, however, the offers will apply to both. However, it happens again and again that desktop customers should be animated to play on the smartphone and vice versa. This is why it happens that a casino bonus is only valid for mobile devices. However, this important information is then also stated in the offer itself and the player is informed about it in advance. Here you will find some of the best mobile casino bonus offers.

Can I get a bonus without making a deposit?

Not all, but some online casino operators may also offer a bonus without making a deposit or free games. Especially for new players this always sounds very tempting. But which sounds so tempting, can prove fast as tricky affair. Because the conditions for a bonus without deposit are usually much more difficult . Often the play through period is too short. For the offerer the risk of the money loss is much higher with such an offer. Therefore there are also very strict and difficult conditions. Many offerers set also payout limits for this kind of offers. If you manage to fulfill the bonus conditions, it is possible that only a part of the winnings can be paid out.

Free game offers

To be called the best casino bonus, free games also play a big role. Increasingly more providers give to a bonus free spins on top or also free spins on deposit. The variant is used much, if a new play is introduced or a play enjoys special popularity. There are two types of free game offers. With one variant one gets either on a deposit free spins on top with the other only the free spins. With the majority of the providers the free game winnings have however still additional turnover conditions like a bonus. Only when these conditions have been fulfilled, the winnings are free to be paid out. In some casinos there are also Freespins where the winnings are real money and are not considered extra money. However, such providers are rather an exception and only players who have already made a deposit and were active in the casino can enjoy such promotions.

Free play Casino Free play Minimum deposit Sales conditions To the casino
Dunder 600€ + 200 Free Spins 10€ 25x To page
Mr. Green 100€ + 200 Free spins 20€ 35x To page
Casumo 500€ + 120 Free spins 10€ 30x To page
PartyCasino 500€ + 120 Free spins 10€ 35x To page
Karamba 500€ + 100 Free spins 20€ 35x About page

Cashback and Reload Bonus

As mentioned before, they also have other promotions to keep their customers happy. Very popular is the so-called Reload Bonus. As the name already says you should get with this offer the possibility to recharge your account. In some casinos it is offered once a month in others several times. As a rule, the amount is not so high and the percentage is also smaller. Nevertheless a good chance to refill your account. Furthermore, here and there there there is also cashback. Here you will be refunded money that you have lost. Some real money is paid back here, but there are also casinos that credit cash back as a bonus, which still has to be implemented.

Friendship advertising

To get new customers many online casinos also offer a so-called Refer a Friend Bonus. With this action both the friends of a customer and the customer are recompenced with a bonus . Also here there are certain regulations. The friend you invite to the casino usually gets the welcome bonus sometimes a slightly better offer and as soon as he has made the first deposit and started to play, you get your reward. These promotions are already widespread and vary from casino to casino. Of course there are always exactly defined conditions that have to be kept for this promotion.

Online Casino Bonuses from new providers for 2019: We will keep you up to date

Every day come new online casinos on the market and compete for customers. In order to stand out from the crowd and to establish these often go to the beginning over their pain threshold and make good offers for new customers. Also here fraud is to be excluded as always and to examine the criteria already admits. New Casinos must put themselves at the beginning particularly in the stuff. That can reflect itself both at the height and at the percentage of the welcome bonus. Also with the other actions one is at the beginning rather more generous. Depending on how fast the casino’s customer base grows, the bonus offers may then be adjusted and changed. We will always keep you up to date. Below you will find a list of the current offers from providers who have not been on the market for so long.

New Casino Startup package Commencement of promotion End of promotion Official website
Gate 777 1.000€ + 175 Free spins 2019 2019 To page
Vegas Hero 1.000€ + 50 Free spins 2019 2019 About page
Mr. Play 500€ + 20 Free spins 2019 2019 About page
Omni Slots 500€ + 70 Free spins 2019 2019 To page
Ikibu 100€ + 50 Free spins 2019 2019 To page

Casino promotions and promotions

To make sure players don’t get bored, they think up online casino promotions that offer variety to their customers. These can be quite various. Popular are the so-called turnover races in which the players who have made the highest turnover in a certain period are rewarded with a prize. Here are used many times rankings where you can track your position and the corresponding price in the leaderboard. Players who play a lot in a casino are often rewarded with loyalty points called comps. Different games reward you with points that you accumulate when you play for real money. Once you reach a certain number, you can exchange these points for real money or other prizes. If you reach VIP status in a casino, other rewards such as cash bonuses can be added. Not all casinos offer you these programs and rewards but it can be worthwhile to have a look at what a provider has to offer besides the welcome bonus.

Fazit – many serious bonus offers

Many of the offers of online casinos are fair and serious. Only if the requirements are much too excessive, the casino bonus can be classified as fraud and rip-off. But the large and respectable offerers cannot afford such a thing at all. There the reputation would suffer also, which is not in the sense of on-line Casinos. Due to the strong competition there are usually predominantly customer-oriented and good bonus conditions. If one pays attention to the different factors, then one finds fast a suitable offerer with a top Casino bonus.

Frequently asked questions

In our article we tried to deal with all questions concerning Casino bonus. If we should have forgotten one or the other topic are listed here for you still a selection of frequently asked questions and the answers to it of course also.

Woran one recognizes serious casinos?

When looking for a serious casino, neither the casino bonuses nor the starting gift or a bonus without deposit are relevant. Above all, it is important that the casino has a valid gambling license and is therefore regulated and controlled. Normally you will find the logos of the regulatory authorities at the bottom of the casino’s website and with one click the license will be displayed.

Is it worthwhile to play casino bonus without deposit?

A try such offers are always worth. As mentioned here in the article, the conditions are usually tougher than for an online casino bonus on deposit. Since with these without deposit however no own money must be used, it can be worthwhile itself also.

What should I keep in mind when making a first deposit to the Casino Welcome Bonus?

In addition to the instructions we have given you here, it may be necessary to include a bonus code when making a deposit. The minimum deposit is also important so that the bonus can be credited to you. If you don’t want to play, you can either specify this in the cashier itself or contact customer service.