Bethard Casino: Secure 200% Bonus And 25 Free Spins

Who wants to let it crash as a new player in a Casino so correctly, can take in principle with each offerer a welcome bonus up. Only in the fewest cases it concerns however thereby so a hot offer, as in Bethard Casino. Here the offerer rewards its new customers not only with a bonus of up to 200 euro, but at the same time also still with 25 further free plays.

August credit note of the bonus money

After the own player account in the Bethard Casino was opened, the new customers can unwind their first deposit on the account. This should be a sum of at least 25 euros, so that the bonus offer can also be activated. A 200 per cent bonus of up to 200 euro is paid out thereby, so that in the best case even 100 euro should be taken into the hand.

Related the respective bonus is automatically also transferred to the account. The 25 additional Freegames for the Slot Starburst again migrate on the following day of the deposit to 12 o’clock on the own player account.