Flatex Advertises With Börsen Roadshow

The Online Broker flatex for Stocks and Forex Products shows its users and potential new users. The fact is that flatex is currently planning and implementing a roadshow in Germany and is also visiting its neighbour Austria. Both countries are important target markets for flatex and so it comes to the fact that one can talk to the experts of flatex.

In principle flatex offers its users a lot of possibilities. The roadshow is free of charge and even large cities such as Vienna in Austria are among the locations where customers and interested parties can get in touch with the experts.

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Where is the flatex roadshow taking place in Germany?

The start will be March 13, 2017 in the Rhineland capital Düsseldorf. From here it continues directly to Vienna on 14 March. One week later the dates follow in Frankfurt on March 20, 2017 and in Stuttgart on March 21, 2017. On March 22, 2017 it is possible to visit the experts of flatex in Munich. In the last week of March on 27 March they will go to Dresden and on 28 March to the capital to Berlin, before on 29 March Hamburg will be the end of the flatex Roadshow.

What is the flatex Roadshow 2017?

Who is interested in the Roadshow should know that different topics are covered. Essentially it is a matter of seeing how the topic Trading versus the topic Investing behaves. The fact is that trading professionals are on site and explain various tips and tricks. There will also be market analysts present who will help answer the questions of those present.

Discuss the current interest rates and the end of the particularly low interest rates. Also the politics Trumps as well as general rules and Tipps to the topic Trading are described.

The references during the roadshow also provide information on individual stocks from the Dax and other indices. There is an own game for the audience and successes in the area of commodities and currencies are communicated.

What does the flatex Roadshow 2017?

Who is already a customer of flatex can visit the Roadshow just like someone who has never had anything to do with flatex before. It is possible that a lot can be learned about trading and trading. If you look around on the net, you will quickly notice that flatex is one of the leading brokers when it comes to trading.

The experts at flatex also give tips on certain indices and topics, which is of course an advantage.

Ebenso it is possible to get in touch with the experts after the events. At the “get together” with a small drink, special topics can be discussed.

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