Neon Reels Slot: Isoftbet Flies Into Space With Great Bonus Features

Do you know what it feels like to float around in space and play slot machines in a million light years above the earth? No, really not? Then you are like us. But we can claim to have at least a faint idea about it, because we just tried Neon Reels from iSoftBet, a kind of space roll revolution!

ISoftBet hasn’t always been famous when it comes to slot machine graphics. Yes, the last thing you did was bring an authentic Gameboy retro feel to the screen by presenting MegaBoy to the people. But we wouldn’t have expected something like Neon Reels with the best will in the world. Because Neon Reels is as groundbreaking as a Sumo wrestler sitting on a Carrera racetrack! Don’t worry, you’ll be spared comparisons like this as the test progresses, but somehow we’ll have to give our excitement some air!

Technical Features

Neon Reels is a 3D slot machine that completely revolutionizes the idea of 3D slot machines. Previously there were already three-dimensional effects and backgrounds, but the machine itself was always two-dimensional. But Neon Reels breaks with this tradition and conjures up completely three-dimensional roles on the screen! The symbols are detached from the roles and play your own game with the gambler. We don’t have to tell you at this point that effects and animations meet the highest standards.

What we don’t like is the menu at the bottom of the machine. Coin Value, Bet, Line Bet, Autospin, Spin, Bet Max, Lines, Win. These are the fields, which are romping around in this one. That would have been somehow clearer, wouldn’t it? But on the other hand we shouldn’t complain, because iSoftBet offers us a wide range of Neon Reels. We could already turn the reels with one cent only to then play the Croesus with €125 stakes. The ancient Greeks would have glorified us!

We wrote about graphics and game mechanics. But what is definitely still missing is the overall impression. This is not complete without the music. And here we must unfortunately give a small deduction, because this is indeed stolen like one to one from an 80’s SciFi film, but also in the long run exhausting for the player. Good that one can also switch it off, the music. No matter which music you like to listen to in your spare time, just let it run in the background and the problem is solved. Of course, you can do this not only on your laptop, but also on your tablet or smartphone.

Bonuses and winnings

For some it’s a minor matter, but for most it’s a main thing, it’s all about the preserves, the extras. So let’s see what Neon Reels has in store for you. We meet Hot Jackpot symbols. If you have five of these flaming symbols in a payline, you can be happy because you have just won the progressive jackpot! Of course, you know that this type of jackpot can often be in the thousands. But in the more likely event that this doesn’t happen all the time, there’s still a handful of consolations to be had.

The first roller is particularly important. If the jeweller comes by and places two diamonds on the first wheel, two diamond re-spins are started. It is interesting because diamonds are a regular symbol in neon reels that promises galactic gains. The diamonds, as well as wild symbols and the first reel are captured during the re-spin. With this, our test could generate good profits. But while we are on Wild Symbols, we can also mention that they are not only simple Wild symbols, but can also generate particularly high payouts in combination. If you manage to win three wilds during the free spins, you can expect to win eight times as much as the winning combination!

As you can see, the events at Neon Reels are almost overwhelming. We were talking about Hot Jackpot symbols, Diamonds, Re-Spins and Wilds. You now also know that Wilds act as up to x8 multipliers in free spins. But how do you get free spins? That’s what the Scatter is for! The scatter comes in the form of dice and, as with any good dice game, there are three of them. If the three dice land on any position, there are 10 free spins given. Sounds a lot, but it is!